We Come Alone

We are each born of a mother and a father. We are physically attached to our mothers until birth. But we exist spiritually as separate individuals from the moment of conception. In this world we are born again separately. We each come to God the Father as individuals. Eventually we will each die as individual human beings.

Doesn’t it seem reasonable, in the face of that, for each of us to cultivate the best relationship with God that we can? Doesn’t it seem reasonable to enter into God’s rest at the earliest possible opportunity? God has told us through His Word that He desires just such an intimate relationship with each of us. That was His reason for sending His Son to take away our sins.

That relationship ─ and the rest that comes with it — can be developed and cultivated to its deepest level through daily worship.

Sometimes it appears that faith and behavior are wrapped tightly together and one affects the other. But that’s not the way it’s supposed to be. It’s true that our behavior should be driven by our faith. But our faith should not be driven by our behavior. In the first case our spirit is in control. In the second case our flesh is in control. The tension between spirit and flesh is ever-present, but it should always be our spirit that is in control.

When our spirit is in control we become more Christ-like and are able to draw more closely to God. That happens to each of us individually. We come alone before God in this world and the next.

Copyright © 2019 Sam Dronebarger | All rights reserved

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