Here’s Looking at You, God

God is bigger than He appears to some. A man being interviewed on a radio talk show a while ago said that religion is an awful thing to have — just look at all the wars that have been fought because of it. He gave the conflict in Northern Ireland as an example. Apparently he doesn’t know that the conflict there is not being fought between two religious groups, but by two groups with different backgrounds. It is unfortunate that one group has a Protestant background and the other a Catholic background. While it provides a convenient means to label the groups, the conflict would still be there if both groups were atheist. Perhaps one could get a better understanding of God’s world by asking different questions. For example —

How many wars have never been fought because of God’s grace?
How many peace treaties have been initiated by God’s hand?

How many automobiles have not run into each other?
How many elevators have not fallen in tall buildings?

How many people have not been assaulted because of God’s mercy?
How many people have been helped by prayer?

How many potential robbers have been stopped by the Spirit of God?
How many people have forgiven one another out of obedience to Christ?

How many murders have never been committed because someone prayed?
How many babies have been held by their mothers only by the grace of God?

How many drugs have not been taken because someone asked God for help?
What would the world be like if Christ had not died?

We never ask questions like those, because we can’t answer them. We don’t have the intelligence to answer them — God does. Each of us sees God a little differently, but if He looks as small to you as he does to the guy on the radio program, you’re looking at Him through the wrong end of your mental binoculars. Turn them over — He’s really quite wonderfully large, stunningly beautiful and not as far away as you might have thought.

Are you holding your binoculars the right way?

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