Ecclesiastes 3

Events can change our plans. Sometimes radically. Recently, in the Midwest, we experienced a wind storm like nothing we’ve seen before. Some estimated the straight line winds to be 140 mph. Many trees, buildings and automobiles were damaged. Trees were downed on houses, in yards and blocking streets. Shingles were ripped from many roofs. My car got a few dents and a broken windshield. Our house was not damaged but was without electricity for eleven days and without access to the internet for almost 2 months.

In the first few days after the storm, neighbors that had never met before were out of their houses and working together to clear the debris. Amid the damage and destruction the fellowship and camaraderie was amazing. Within a matter of hours after the storm, our street which had been completely blocked by fallen trees, was passable due to the tools and muscles of those ordinary people.

What was made extraordinarily clear by that event is this: there is a time for every purpose under heaven. Electricity and internet have been restored. Downed trees have been removed and roofs and siding have been repaired. People have disappeared back into their homes and are, once again, rarely seen and difficult to connect with.

We have been nearly two months without access to the internet. That and the destruction around us seems like it should have been a very bad thing. Perhaps, in some ways it was, but in many other ways it was a time for building up.

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One thought on “Ecclesiastes 3

  1. AND as we all remember all too well the 911 day! People were talking. People were praying. People were going to church. THEN it wasn’t long and we were all back in the same routine as before 911. I guess it is the broken world we live in. Glad all are getting back to some normalcy after “THE STORM”!!


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