Does This Seem Right in Your Eyes?

Many years ago I met a young man who had a disorder called progeria. He was about eight or nine years old at the time and had facial hair and a deep voice. Progeria is a genetic disorder that causes premature aging in children. It is very rare. Only about 180 children have been identified worldwide with the disorder – 20 of them in the United States. Children with progeria have a life expectancy of 14 years and often die of old people’s diseases like hardening of the arteries.

My question is this, “Why are there no people with the opposite disorder?” “Why is it that no one ages very, very slowly – perhaps living five times a normal life span rather than 1/5 a normal life span?”

Animals (and humans) compete for food and resources. The competition is great and they often kill and consume one another. There are arrangements (called symbiosis) between different kinds of creatures where both benefit from the relationship – ants and acacia trees for example. And many animals have beneficial arrangements with bacteria. Such cooperative relationships, however, always work because the creatures are helping one another compete better against other creatures.

My question is this, “Why only competition – why not cooperation? And why aren’t there relationships – to the advantage of both organisms – that postpone death perhaps forever?”

In chemistry there are organic compounds that are optically active and can twist a beam of polarized light. Some compounds twist it to the left (levorotary) while their mirror images twist it to the right(dextrorotary). When such compounds are synthesized in a laboratory we get an even mix of the two kinds. However, in living material, we only find levorotary compounds.

My question is this, “Since the chemistry seems to be identical for each, why is there only one kind in living creatures?”

Scientists have produced anti-matter particles in nuclear physics laboratories. The particles appear to be identical to regular matter in things like mass and volume but opposite in things like electrical charges and spin. When such particles are produced, they appear in the same numbers and quantities as regular particles. And when an anti-matter particle comes into contact with a regular matter particle, they annihilate each other.

My question is this, “Throughout the observable universe, we have found no naturally occurring anti-matter only regular matter. Why is that?”

Every system, device or thing in the universe runs down or decays. Sooner or later everything falls apart. This is a physical law (entropy) that applies everywhere in the observable universe and absolutely everything is subject to it. It applies not just to material things, but immaterial things like systems as well.

My question is, “How did everything get started in the first place? How did everything get ‘wound up’ if everything only winds down?”

Nothing in the universe – natural or artificial – is perfectly symmetrical. Why is that? The physical laws that we can understand suggest perfect symmetry, asymmetry and even an occasional near-symmetry. The problem is that near-symmetry seems to be the norm everywhere. No human body is perfectly symmetrical. Even our attempts at cutting a piece of paper result, at best, in a shape that is almost symmetrical – but never perfect.

My question is, ”Why is there a total absence of perfect symmetry?”

Every topic of inquiry, no matter how deep or detailed, eventually reaches a point where knowledge does not exist. Perhaps, at that point, another question can be asked and another answer found, but we have the same problem over again. The pursuit of knowledge is apparently infinite.

My question is this, “How did things get to be this way – and why?”

The only answer I have for these questions (and many other similar questions) is there must be an intelligence behind the design of the universe. And what we perceive to be curiosities or design flaws are actually the products of a sentient being and serve purposes beyond our comprehension. We give the name ‘God’ to such a being. I challenge you to find another explanation that works. Because He exists and is the designer, He deserves our attention. Such attention is called worship. You can do that in groups or all by yourself. However you choose to do it, you must do it. It would be foolish to do otherwise.

See Genesis 6:3, Psalm 102;25-28, Proverbs 26:12

Copyright © 2020 Sam Dronebarger | All rights reserved

2 thoughts on “Does This Seem Right in Your Eyes?

  1. You have a way of presenting complicated things/ideas/concepts in a way that either makes sense to m e or certainly makes me think. Thanks for this. We have discussed this several times. Yay, God!


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