Worshiping Alone

God is real and personal and not just an abstract entity deduced from our surroundings. Our daily lives are diminished and frustrated when we do not recognize and experience the personal nature of God. The enormity of the effect becomes much larger when we attempt to worship Him as an abstractly deduced being rather than as a real, intimate, personal being. This writing is an invitation to come close and know God personally.

How does that happen – to come to know God personally? It happens in very much the same way each of us comes to know anyone – by being with them; communicating with them and investing time with them. Such invested time attunes and sharpens the soul. Since God is a spiritual being, He is not seen with physical eyes, but through the ‘eyes’ of one’s soul.

If you want to know God deeply and personally, an excellent way to do that is to regularly spend time with Him through personal worship. This book can be your guide for that purpose – a guide to help you get to know God personally.

A strategy is described here for knowing God through personal worship and a plan is set out for doing it. However, this is more than just a set of instructions. I have included examples of personal worship and collections of various things that are customarily used as worship elements. The intent is that anyone entering the practice of regular personal worship will have, in this single volume, a convenient collection of the elements commonly used in personal worship. Of course other sources may be used as well, but the material and ideas included here are likely to be sufficient for most to begin.

Learning personal worship and undertaking it as a regular practice can bring a profound peace to the heart of each practicing believer and thereby strengthen the entire body of Christ.

The practice presented here is principally given from an evangelical view since that is what I know, but the principles can be adapted to fit other views as well.

Worshiping alone or personal worship is not meant to replace worshiping together or corporate worship. It is meant to supplement it – to be added to it.

Personal worship is not the same as personal prayer times or daily devotions. It differs primarily in approach and depth. Daily devotions can be done mechanically, without ever recognizing or experiencing the personal nature of God. However, even though there are differences, many elements used in personal worship are already familiar to most Christians. While some elements may be new to some worshipers, many may simply be different applications of long tested components of public worship. It is almost certain that those who worship God in the way described here will find increased joy, peace and deepened meaning in their lives. This is especially true if you are one of those who find yourself in moving from worshiping “God the Abstraction” to worshiping “God the Person.

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