Is That Little Letter from God?

This is a thing that saddens me. I just saw an article about a cross being removed from a chapel in Oklahoma. Why does that distress me? Not so much because a symbol of Christianity is being taken away, but because there are people willing to do such things.

It is good to remember, I think, that whether such symbols are visible or not has no affect on our salvation. Nevertheless, they do make us feel good and they remind us of Christ’s sacrifice. So in that respect, they are quite worthwhile. And we know that the value we place on useful things heightens as those things become rare.

It is also good to remember that when Christian symbols are visible, they remind Apollyon of his situation, and I suspect it makes him and his disciples uneasy. That is undoubtedly the motor driving the many such attacks we are seeing today against Christianity.

The thought that Apollyon is uneasy doesn’t seem to bother me much. The truth is I rather delight in it. Pushing that idea along helps me to see Christian symbols all around me and I hope you see and appreciate them too.

What symbols, you ask?

Well, take the cross for example. It shows up everywhere. Most utility poles use the pattern of the cross. There are far more such poles than there are crosses on churches. That knowledge should be disturbing to the accuser. But I don’t think it is because a utility pole isn’t generally recognized as a Christian symbol. It should be. I like the idea that there are so many that he’d have a difficult time getting rid of them.

A large number of words contain the letter “t” (I’ve tried to use a lot of them in this posting). Both the upper case and lower case “Tt” have the shape of a cross. Again, they don’t generally remind us of Christ, but I think they should. I wonder how many of them there are? Doesn’t that thought tease you just a little.

Another symbol of Christianity the fish symbol – the “Icthus” (that’s Greek for “fish”). That show’s up a lot, but even more so is the image of any fish. Those are everywhere and should remind us that Christ was the great fisherman – a bit less were His associates Peter and Andrew. And there’s nothing fishy about that.

Then there’s bread and wine, a mustard seed, wheat …

The list is long, but the point of it is short: Reminders of who Christ is and what He did for us.

It is good to keep traditional Christian symbols visible. And we must fight for that. Not only do they aggravate Satan, but they make believers feel good.

What are you doing to defend Christ’s image?

See Romans 1:20 for additional information.

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5 thoughts on “Is That Little Letter from God?

  1. It is crazy. But I do love that we see the cross symbol everywhere, and as we like to say “They can’t stop the Signal, Mal!”.


  2. HI and hope you two are doing okay. AND your precious family, too!

    I, too, find it awful that Christians are getting the terrible treatment of those who just do not believe in our Christ. They must have an awful life!

    I think of all of the History that is being lost in our country. Our grand children may never know how our country was founded and that is was founded on Christian love.

    I really feel sad the way our country is going-BUT I don’t worry about the future because God is already there and we can do nothing about it—but pray that WE are doing right by Him.

    Prayer work. He taught us, didn’t He?

    Hugs from up here—may be only way we can give them. I hate that cause I am a hugger!!


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  3. I love your blog.. very nice colors & theme. Did you design this website yourself or did you hire someone to do it for you? Plz reply as I’m looking to create my own blog and would like to find out where u got this from. many thanks

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